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How to learn Figma in under 1 hour?

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Learning Figma in just 1 hour is especially not easy though ye will definitely explain to you how to learn Figma so let's go.'

Using Figma you have to create a Figma account you can simply create a Figma account in just a few simple steps you can also sign up with Google which is quite easy go to and sign up.

Second, if you have a windows or mac operating system you can just download the Figma software and if you are using other operating software Figma is not available for you, don't worry if you have another operating Figma can be operated by the website also, if you will download the Figma that was good for user experience, Figma is basically a cloud-based web application that is totally free but on some features, they have their premium plans, or if you are a student it is just free for you.

Third the main step you have some basic idea of designing so that can be more convenient for you, so let's get started.

  • Open Figma and create a new design file and you get the simple interface of the creation dashboard, and your curser was changed to a really nice curse.
  • The main important thing is what kind of design you have to make if you want to create a smartphone design or desktop design, whatever you want to create you have to select Frame on the top left there is an option of frames select frame of your choice, If you need to do that faster just click "F" at your keyboard that automatic open frames option you can select from that.
  • After selecting the frame the most important thing to create a design, for creating a design you have to create a rectangle for a div and a button you also have to create a div for showed, color, border, and anything editing there is an option in the right-hand side.
  • There are lots of shortcut keys for doing work faster, For creating frame "F", for creating rectangle "R", for creating line "L", for creating circle or ellipse "O", for creating a custom design with a pen tool you need Pen tool to select pen tool "P", for pencil "Shift+P" and have lots of shortcut keys full list available on
  • After creating a design you can also check the CSS of every element easily by inspecting the feature given in the top right side option.
  • You can also share your design with anyone with the link just in some clicks, on the right side there is an option to play the design that will show your design in the proper frame, and for the iPhone frame that will show iPhone frame with real phone bezels.
  • You can watch this video for a better understanding.

    That was your first design created in Figma.

    There are lot more things that you can not just learn in a single blog or any video you have to do some research on your own level to make something new so you can learn from that, do some freelancing with zero charges, and make yourself better.

    Figma have their paid plans with lots of features so if you are interested in buying the plans you go some amazing features like:

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