Is canva a future of designers? UI software are dead.

One of the most common questions in every designer's mind is whether the Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Figma are dead it, we are giving an answer to the most asked or most common question the answer depends on various factors we will discuss every factor in detail under this article if you want to understand the whole answer you need to read the full blog, so stay tuned with us and find your answer.

In 2022 the UI/XI is changing every website is changing day by day with lots of user experience research so tools are not that powerful or Ai is not that much powerful that can research whole trends and flow with the trend, so on that condition, the human brain or human imagination is more powerful than an AI.

So first thing is that we have to comprehend what is canva, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Figma, if you are reading this article we assume that you have a basic understanding of designer's tools, if you are new to designing have to first take knowledge about these tools or if you comprehend about that you can skip this section.

We will discuss these topics in very short if you need to learn more about that you can google it or comment below us we will make a dedicated and detailed blog on that topic.


canva is a web application based on a graphic designing platform, free to use, and makes lots of innovation that helps teachers and students to assemble beautifully finished projects.

canva is basically used to create posters, social media posts, posters, guidance, and projects.

canva also helps to do work fast on the cloud and on every device canva has a free and paid plan with very less pricing.


photoshop is a very powerful and very old photo editing software used by professionals have at least every photo editing feature every photo editing tool is inspired by photoshop, Used for making postures time film posters, and creating a professional photos.

Photoshop is not free its quite costly for students and teachers so mostly photoshop is not used by everyone.


Figma is a web-based application based on a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool Figma is made for designers for creating websites, apps, software, and everything designed and animate them without coding.

Figma is an organization and free tool for creating designs and sharing with the team for absolutely free.

Is canva a future of designers? Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Figma are dead.

The way the simple answer is no canva is not a future and Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Figma are also not dead, we will explain how firstly canva is an online-based web application made for work fast easy make creative ting in just a few clicks there are tons of free and paid templates available on canva you can use it for your use you dosent need any hardware requirements and any software requirements work on every browser and smartphone and also dosent need a designer knowledge canva is very simple and fast, but on other hand, photoshop need some basic hardware requirement and is not free it paid, the most important if you don't have any knowledge in about photoshop, can't use if you need some basic knowledge you can learn from youtube and lots of blogs available, you don't get any kind of a template you need to create by your own with background, liting, exposer, and lots of things to do, photoshop is mostly used by professionals like photographer, movies posters creator, its very time consuming and tough to understand it.

Figma is also a web-based application for vector graphics editor for making really amazing websites, apps, software, and all kind of designs you can create animation and share it with your team for free, Figma has lots of free community plugins that make work easy possible, main is that Figma work on a web browser and also have an application which makes more convenient for everyone to use it.

and Figma is not a photo editor it is just a design creation tool.

So there is zero percentage of designers who are dead canva is making competition for designers but there are major points is canva is paid and photoshop is also paid, so buying these clients always prefer to higher a designer and paid them.

Ai is not that much powerful, some kind of tool is present like photo background remover but that is not much powerful in some cases AI dosent work perfectly, so in that situation, we need a professional or expert.

Ai is for work for calculation making things better and training them to create new things, but the animation is not a cup of tea for AI.


designers are not going anywhere they have better opportunities to create innovation in the new metaverse design like neft and sell them.

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