How To Convert Figma Design Into Wix? Is That Possible To Convert Figma Design To Wix

How To Convert Figma Design Into Wix? Is That Possible To Convert Figma Design To Wix

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The way the simple answer is yes and no I will explain every point in this blog so read the entire blog for better understanding if you play smartly you can make Figma design into Wix or if you go with documentation you cant create a better design.

What do you need to convert Figma design into Wix?

You need to under basic knowledge of coding and understanding codes, first of all, you need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript with some API knowledge on how to use them and how to analyze it.

And also you need basic knowledge of Figma for making the design perfectly.

There are two ways of turning Figma design into Wix first is customizing each element and the second is to work in the dev mode option in Figma we will discuss both options in this blog so read the full blog to convert Figma design into Wix.

So first we will discuss a simple method:

  • First, you need to create a website design in Figma and make it perfect with the color and with perfect shape and size.
  • Second, go to and create a free account and create make a basic website for testing and development purposes.
  • The third and main step is to select what kind of website you have to make a webpage, eCommerce, blog, or anything else, just select a related website that you want to create we are not saying the same just like related to them.
  • Install the related theme for your preference
  • And start customizing each and everything like a header footer, add some images, use an images gallery, and make them look like your design.
  • This is the simplest way to edit themes and customize them in your imagination.

If you have some kind of coding knowledge and a basic understanding of coding you can also go with this method, If you don't have any coding knowledge and basic understanding of coding just go with the first simple method.

Now we will discuss a complicated method:

  • The first and second step is the same in both cases, First, you have to create a website or a blog design in Figma make sure that you have done everything perfectly, and create a rectangle with everything perfectly.
  • Second, go to and create a free account and install a free theme.
  • Third, the main important thing is to select the theme for your need if you want to make a simple website, e-commerce website or blog website choose the theme for it don't select another kind of theme.
  • The main point you have to turn on dev mode in and read the documentation given by

  • And select each and every element and customize each and every element by reading the documentation.
  • And your website is ready to use after publishing it on

The main part of the blog is and Figma, is not free there are lots of themes and feature is not free you have to buy a subscription every month or yearly, and the Figma is free to use and export design but some features are paid you have to buy that.

And the answer to the question is Yes you can convert Figma design into

Que1: Is Wix the only way to make websites and blogs?

Ans1: No, there are lots of other platforms where we can make blogs and make a professional website.

Que2: Figma is free to use?

Ans2: Yes, Figma is free to use, but there are some features paid and there is a subscription plan.

Que3: Where does Figma store files?

Ans3: Figma stores file in the cloud which is very snappy and perform in real-time.

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