Techshrish CUI - 1 blogger Free Theme | New Blog Theme 2022 | Theme Preview.

Hello my gorgeous web creator, today we are showing a new Customize UI - Blogger Theme which is free for you guys to download. Techshrish  CUI -  1  blogger Theme ,It has modern look and fell, modern technology and trend like Glassmorphism. 

The name of this theme is Techshrish CUI Version 1 Fully SEO Optimized Blogger Template, this template is suitable for different fields like news, magazines, stock market and other blogs. It is easy to customize and fast in loading. It is very simple and attractive in appearance. It has modern look and fall, modern technology and trends like Glassmorphism, Neomorphism, iOS border curve, premium fonts, amazing icons, glass and attractive color is used in this theme, and you can change the look of this theme to its primary color too can change. From a glassy blue to something else like teal red or teal green, white or dark.

Techshrish  CUI - 1  blogger Free Theme | New Blog Theme 2022 |

This template supports all types of devices, for example mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop. In this template, you will find various latest features like Dark Mode, RTL, MegaMenu etc. Using this template you can create your website in less time. All these advanced features of the template will make your website attractive and SEO optimized features will help your website to get more reach and search ranking

Features -

This theme has lot of feature prebuild feature including Fletro pro and customized item like popular post, post card, easy to customize, ads unit, fast loading, SEO ready, social media share API


Flexible template sizes adjust on each screen as well as neatly arranged layouts by maximizing CSS performance. It has totally different look in different device like in mobile it open like native application and in tablet devices like some great looking page and of course also good looking in Desktop.


Popular post

Techshrish  CUI - 1  blogger Free Theme

Post Card

New Blog Theme 2022

Easy Customize

It's easy to change colors, width to font through Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings on the Layout menu. you can customize it by HTML editing or blogger dashboard in a easy manner.

Ads Optimize

Already provided adsense ad slots that are ready to use in locations with high click rates. And some advance feature like you can add AD slot after every 1 or 2 post, it totally depend on you.

Fast Loading

Optimized by reducing the size of templates such as CSS and Javascript compresses to load faster.

Mobile First

Designed with more priority mobile display, the look is made modern and more user friendly

Cross Browser Compatible

Supports a variety of different browsers such as chrome, Firefox and so on

SEO Friendly

Templates have been designed SEO Friendly ranging from breadcrumb that has been indexed by Google to other schema markup

Release Date - coming soon

It is designed mobile first, It looks modern and elegant in terms of features or template layout, in addition this template is made more user friendly, the layout of each element is neatly arranged and does not interfere with the convenience of blog visitors. It is inspired by Fletro pro

I initially designed it in Figma or Adobe XD just to show case, but later I decide to make it for you guys, it will be available for blogger and WordPress soon now it's just theme preview. Theme preview is the category or label type of this website.
Aatm Prakash

Content Creator, Graphic Designer, UI / UX Designer


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